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We're on a mission to simplify CBSE English for each and every student from classes I to XII.
Here's a little something about us.

People expect to be bored by e-learning — let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!

Meenu Sethi’s English Institute has been operational since 1998. We have students who have pioneered in various fields. We help students with basic grammar, reading comprehension, writing skills as well as the concerned literature. We provide aid during their term exams as well as unit tests. Our motto is to make sure that their grades improve along with their confidence.

In our pattern of teaching students are given thorough practice of each and every topic along with simple explanation. All CBSE chapters are explained in Hindi as well as English for better understanding of the curriculum.

Practice sheets are provided and marks of all are sent so you can see where you stand and then progress up on your scale.

Everyday effort goes a long way in accomplishing what a last day’s practice can never achieve. Meenu Sethi has been imparting knowledge for the last eighteen years. Her ability to break down the text in the simplistic of ways in her own funny ways which make the children connect to her immediately. She is a double M.A. She is a alumni of Lady Irwin School and Venkteshwara College. Each and every chapter in the syllabus is well covered. Our students have been from the elitist schools of Delhi. Our attempt to keep each and every child to perform to the best of their caliber is proven from the fact that our kids are everywhere.

21 years in business
5k+ students mentored
100% success

Here's the one person who made all of this possible

Meenu Sethi

Meenu Sethi

Founder / CEO

An extremely ambitious workaholic, Mrs. Meenu Sethi has been an educator and mentor for the last 21 years and has now brought her experience & expertise to English ChatterBox.