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Landscape of the Soul - Nathalie Trouveroy

3 hrs 35 mins
11 lessons

Landscape of the Soul, Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill, Nathalie Trouveroy, Explore the spiritual depths of Chinese painting with this captivating story of Wu Daozi's landscape of the soul. Discover the Yin-Yang balance, the Middle Void, and Man's role in the universe.

The Portrait of a Lady - Khuswant Singh

4 hrs 3 mins
15 lessons

The Portrait of a Lady, Class 11, CBSE English, Khushwant Singh, Hornbill, A compelling tale of a grandson and his evolving relationship with his grandmother, which ends begins in the village and ends with her death.

A Photograph - Shirley Toulson

2 hrs 9 mins
13 lessons

A Photograph, Class 11, CBSE English, Shirley Toulson, Hornbill, A beautiful poem about a photograph of two girl cousins, their mother, and the sea. A snapshot of a moment in time that captures the laboured ease of loss and the silence of time passing.

We're not Afraid to Die - Gordon Cook and Alan East

4 hrs 6 mins
14 lessons

We are not afraid to die, Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill. Join Gordon Cook and Alan East on their incredible round-the-world voyage as they battle the roughest seas and face death head-on. Experience their courage and resilience in the face of adversity. #NotAfraidToDie #Voyage #Courage #Resilience

Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues - A.R. Williams

3 hrs 51 mins
11 lessons

Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues by A.R. Williams. Uncover the mysteries of King Tutankhamun's life and death with this fascinating exploration of the boy pharaoh's tomb. Follow the CT scan that reveals new clues and data for the forensic reconstruction of the ancient ruler.

The Voice of the Rain - Walt Whitman

1 hr 34 mins
9 lessons

The Voice of the Rain, Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill, Experience the power of nature in Walt Whitman's poem "The Voice of the Rain". Hear the voice of the rain as it speaks of its eternal cycle of life, giving back to its origin and purifying the World.

Childhood - Markus Natten

1 hr 34 mins
9 lessons

Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill, Markus Natten, Childhood is a poet’s take on the loss of innocence and joy, wonder and imagination. It is a time he looks back on it with fondness and nostalgia.

The Adventure - Jayant Narlikar

2 hrs 12 mins
10 lessons

"Explore an alternate history in 'The Adventure' from Jayant Narlikar, where Professor Gaitonde's journey reveals an unfamiliar India."

Silk Road - Nick Middleton

4 hrs 32 mins
9 lessons

Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill, Join Nick Middleton on a thrilling adventure across the Silk Road, from Ravu to Mount Kailash. Encounter wild-ass, ferocious Tibetan mastiffs and icy snow-capped mountains. Experience the beauty and danger of this ancient route.

Father to Son - Elizabeth Jennings

1 hr 1 mins
9 lessons

Class 11, CBSE English, Hornbill, Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings. A father and son struggle to build a relationship as the father questions his role in his son's life. Through silence and longing, they strive to find a way to forgive and move forward together.

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