The Adventure The Adventure

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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"You neither travelled to the past nor the future. You were in the present experiencing a different world." Explain briefly.
The above statement was said by Professor Rajendra Deshpande who tries to justify the experience of Professor Gaitonde rationally. He tries to base it on the theory of lack of determinism in quantum theory. He believes after he fell unconscious after a collision with truck his neuron has acted as a trigger and would have taken him to another world where he saw the Marathas win and the British marginalized. This event of the battle when Vishvasrao was saved changed the course of history so even though he was physically present in the present earth. He experienced a world which was quite different, and he based it on the catastrophic theory whereby there was bifurcation in the battle of Panipat and a different result led to a different world.
"You have passed through a fantastic experience: or more correctly a catastrophic experience." Explain briefly.
Gangadharpant could not help comparing the country he knew with what he was witnessing around him. Explain briefly.
Briefly explain the statement "The lack of determinism in quantum theory!"
Briefly explain the statement "You need some interaction to cause a transition".
Why do you think Professor Gaitonde decided never to preside over meetings again?
How did Professor Gaitonde meet with an accident? How did it affect him?
What was Professor Gaitonde thinking before the accident? What was its effect on him?
Describe Professor's shift into the British Period.
List the various things noticed by Professor Gaitonde when he was wandering in the British Raj.
Why did Professor Gaitonde look for his son?
Why did Professor Gaitonde decide to go to the Town Hall Library?
Which facts of history surprised the Professor? Why?
What historic changes were noticed by Professor Gaitonde? How did India emerge with these changes?
What prompted Professor Gaitonde to move towards the chair at the public gathering at the Azad Maidan?
How did people react when they saw Professor Gaitonde in the president's chair?
After listening to Professor Gaitonde what logical explanation was given by Rajendra Deshpande?

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