The Happy Prince The Happy Prince

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Where was the statue and how did it look?
The statue was high above the city and stood on a high pillar. It was the statue of a happy prince. He was covered with thin leaves of gold and is eyes were made of two bright sapphires. At the handle of the sword there was a large red ruby.
Where was the swan going? Why?
“Where shall I put up” a. Who said to whom? b. Why did he want to put up? c. Where did he put up?
“What a curious thing!” he cried “there is not a single cloud in the sky the stars are quite clear and bright and yet it is raining.” a. Who said to whom? b. What was the curious thing? c. What did he decide to do?
Where did he decide to go?
What did the swallow see when it was about to fly off?
Why was the prince crying?
What did the prince tell the swallow he could see?
What did the prince ask the swallow to do?
What reason did the swallow give for not going?
What made the swallow agree?
What did the little swallow do?
“It is curious”, he remarked, “but I feel quite warm now, although it is so cold.” a. Who does ‘he’ refer to? b. What was curious? c. Why was he feeling warm?
Where was the swallow going? Why did the prince stop her?
Who did the prince want swallow to help the time when he had no rubies and how?
“He will sell it to the jeweler and buy firewood and finish his play.” a. Who said to whom? b. What was he to sell and why? c. What did the swallow say?
How did the swallow get in the garret?
How did the young man feel on finding the sapphire?
Why did the swallow wish to go to Egypt?
Why did the prince help the match girl and how?
Why did the swallow not go to Egypt? How did she help?
What did the swallow tell the prince about poor boys? How did he help?
“Good bye dear prince!” he murmured, “Will you let me kiss your hand.” a. Who said to whom? b. Where was she going? c. Where did the prince think she was going? d. Where did he ask her to kiss? Why?
What happened after the swallow died?
What did the Mayor decide to do with the statue and why?
Why did the overseer throw the heart?
What did the god ask the angels to bring? What did they bring?
Write the character sketch of the prince and the swallow?

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