Mowgli in Trouble Mowgli in Trouble

Mowgli is a very famous character of the book written by Rudyard Kipling. He is taken care of by a family of wolves and is trained by Babloo who is a bear and Bagheera who is a black panther provides him protection. In this story we get to know how Mowgli was kidnapped by the monkeys and taken away to cold lairs.  

The Monkeys wanted to kidnap Mowgli as they had been watching Babloo train him. They were impressed with his pickup and felt that if they included him in their group, they could establish their might. 

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Write True or False. 1. The Bandar-log look Mowgli to the Rain Forest. 2. Bagheera taught Mowgli the ways of the jungle. 3. The Monkey-people were happy to have Mowgli among them. 4. Bagheera and Baloo were the first to reach the Cold Lairs. 5. Baloo and Kaa freed Mowgli from the room where he was trapped.
1. False 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. False
“Tell Baloo and Bagheera where they are taking me!”
“It is the Bandar-log that we follow.”
We are of one blood. I owe you my life tonight. My kill shall be yours if you are every hungry...”
Why did the Bandar-log kidnap Mowgli?
Whose help did Baloo and Bagheera seek to bring Mowgli back? Why?
How did the Bandar-log behave when Mowgli was among them?
Describe Kaa’s attack on the monkeys. Why did the monkeys fear him so much?
How did Mowgli express his gratitude towards Kaa?

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