The Ransom of Red Chief The Ransom of Red Chief

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Since love of children was strong in country people, we decided to kidnap ~ kid from that town. a. Who are "we" in these lines? b. Why do they plan a kidnapping? c. Why do they plan to kidnap a child? d. How does their plan backfire?
a. ‘We’ in these lines refer to Bill and Sam. b. They planned a kidnapping as they were short of two thousand dollars for the deceitful project which wanted to undertake in western Illinois. c. They kidnap a child as the love for children was stronger in countryside and they will easily pay the money. d. Their plan backfires as the boy they kidnapped turned out to be more notorious then they had thought that even the parents didn’t want him back.
The boy nearly hit Bill in the eye with a piece of brick. That will cost, the old man an extra five hundred dollars,' said Bill, climbing down. a. Who is the 'boy' referred to in the first line? b. What was Bill's first experience of the boy? c. What does Bill mean by 'That will cost the old man an extra five hundred dollars'? d. Who is the old man referred to by Bill?
Yes sir, that boy seemed to be having the time of his life. The fun of camping out in a cave made him think that I was his prisoner. a. Who is the boy referred to here? Where is he at the moment? b. How was the boy having the 'time of his life'? c. ‘…… I was his prisoner.' Who is 'I' here? Why does he call himself the real prisoner?
Now and then he would let out a war cry that was a terror to Bill. That boy had Bill frightened from the start. ' a. Who would let out a war cry? Why? b. Who would be most affected by the Red Chief's war cries? c. "That boy had Bill frightened from the start." Why does the narrator say so?
Me? said I. 'Oh, I got a kind of pain in my shoulder. I thought sitting up would rest it.' 'You're a liar! said Bill. 'You're afraid. You were to be burned at sunrise, and you were afraid he would do it. And he would too, if he could find a match. a. Who is 'I' in the above extract? Why is he afraid? b. Why does he pretend that he has a pain in the shoulder? c. Who is 'he'? What has he threatened to do? d. Why has 'he' not been able to do it?
You won't leave me long with this wretch will you, Sam?' asked Bill. 'I'll be back sometime this afternoon,' said I. 'You must keep the boy amused and quiet till I return. And now we'll write the letter to old Dorset.' a. Who is "this wretch"? Why does Bill not want to be left alone with him? b. Where is Sam going? Why? c. Who is old Dorset? What letter do Bill and Sam want to write to him?
You bring Johnny home and pay me two hundred and fifty dollars in cash, and I agree to take him off your hands. You had better come at night. a. Who writes this message and to whom? b. Who is Johnny? Why does the speaker ask for money to take him back? c. Why does "I" want "you" to come at night?
How long can you hold him?' asked Bill. 'I'm not as strong as I used to be" said old Dorset, 'but I think I can promise you ten minutes.' a. Who is 'him' in the above lines? How is he related to Dorset? b. Why does Bill want ‘him’ to be held? c. What did Bill plan to do in the ten minutes Dorset promised them? Why?
Why did Sam and Bill choose a village for executing their plan of kidnapping?
How did the boy react to his kidnapping?
How did the Red Chief create trouble for the kidnappers?
Had Sam and Bill not been frightened by the boy, what would have happened?
What role did Johnny take up during his stay with Sam and Bill?
Why did Bill and Sam think that the Red Chief would never run away?
Why did Sam go to Popular cave?
What did Sam and Bill do immediately after leaving the Red Chief back home?
What kind of kidnappers were Bill and Sam? How did their nature affect their plan?
Why did Sam and Bill plan a kidnapping? Whom did they choose to kidnap and why?
Bill was not comfortable with Johnny from the very beginning. Why?
‘Yes sir, that boy seemed to be having the time of his life.’ What made Sam utter these words?
Why was Johnny, the Red Chief, reluctant to go home?
How did Sam and Bill spend their night with the Red Chief?
Sam had a troubled sleep, and he was awakened by Bill’s awful screams? Why was Bill screaming?
‘You’re a liar! Said Bill. ‘You’re afraid’. Why did Bill say this about Sam?
What happened to Bill when Sam had gone up on the mountain to have a look around?
Why was the Red Chief furious at Bill?
How did Bill fall in the fire?
What were the conditions imposed on Johnny’s father for the payment of the ransom?
What was Ebenzer’s reply to the kidnappers of his son?
Why do you think Dorset ask the kidnappers for money?
Who was eager to meet Dorset’s demand and why?
What was ironical about the outcome of the kidnapping?
How did Ebenezar Dorset get the better of the kidnappers in the end? Describe the sequence of events that led to the release of his son.
As Bill write a diary entry narrating your experiences with the red Chief.

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