Sand Castle Sand Castle

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Down, down on the beach, at the edge of the land Where the ocean begins, where there's water and sand, When the air's full of salt and the sky's full of sun, You will know that the sand castle season's begun. a. Name the poem. b. Where is the poet? c. How does the air feel near he sea? d. What time does the poet think it to be for?
a. Name of the poem is ‘Sand Castles’. b. The poet is on the beach. The area near the ocean where there’s water and sand. c. The air feels salty near the sea. d. The poet considers it a time when children start making castles on the beach.
The first thing to do is to pick the right place _ Not too many people and plenty of space, Where a wave is whish-whishing its foam on your toes And packs the sand shiny wherever it goes. a. What is the important thing to keep in mind while making castles? b. Where should you make the castle?
You start out together by scooping up sand And patting it down with the flat of your hand. You build up your castle, while squatting for hours, Making walls and a tunnel and bridges and towers. a. How should one make sand castle? b. What all should one make?
And then you go searching along the wide shore For shells that the waves have swept off the sea's floor. Then back to the castle so high on the sand To press in the shells that you hold in your hand, candy and candles poked into a cake. '(But a castle is much more exciting to make.) a. What should a person search for? b. What should one do with shells? c. What are shells pressed in castle compared to?
You don't need to hurry - you have the whole day To make towers and turrets in every which way. Dig a moat 'round your castle where water can curl. Look out! There's a wave that is rolling to hurl A white swirl of water against the high wall. Look out - oh, look out, or your castle will fall! a. How much time does the poet have to make castles? b. What should dig around the castle and why? c. What happens to the castle?
The charge of the wave, with a whoosh and a roar, Covers the castle and captures the shore. The moat overflows, and the bridges are down. If you've any toy people, watch out or they'll drown! A tower is crumbling, and there goes a wall. The flag on the flagpole's the last thing to fall. a. What does the wave do? b. What happens to the castle? c. What should one watch out for?
And you wonder while watching it all wash away, Should you bother to build when you know it can't stay? But the answer rings clear, as you start a new one, It's not just the having - it's building that's fun. a. What do you think when castle wipes out? Why?

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