Vagabond Vagabond

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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I know the pools where the graylings rise I know the trees where the filberts fall I know the woods where the red fox lies The twisted elms where the brown owls call a. Name the poem. b. How does he know about the Grayling and Filbert? c. What all does he know in the forest?
a. The poem is ‘Vagabond’. b. This poem is the description of the poet describing the life of a vagabond who is free. He has been roaming so much that he has seen the pools where the Grayling fish come and he also knows the hazel trees from where he gets filbert. c. He knows the forest where he can find the red fox and the Elm tree from where one can hear the owl.
and I’ve seldom a shilling to call my own and there’s never a girl I would marry I thank the lord I’m a rolling stone will never a care to carry a. Why does he never have a shilling? b. Why does he thank the lord? c. What does he compare his life with and why?
I talk to the stars as they come and go on every night from July to June I’m free of the winds of speech that blow and I know what weather will what tune a. What does he do the whole year? b. What tune he plays and when?
I sow no seed and I pay no rent and I thank no man for his bounties but I’ve a treasure that’s never spent I’m a lord of dozen countries a. Why doesn’t he sow seed or pay rent? b. What treasure does he talk of?
What do you think his most vagabond values the most—money, relation or freedom? How do we know?
Do you think the people around us will appreciate if someone lives like vagabond? Why/why not?
How is vagabond different from all of us?
What kind of a routine do you think the vagabond will have? Write a diary entry for a day in the life of the vagabond.
Imagine yourself as Moti, the vagabond and write about your feeling when children don’t make friends with you and chase you away from the park.
Who is vagabond? What kind of life he leads?
Do you think a life without a purpose can be interesting?

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