Bringing up Kari Bringing up Kari

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Who was Kari? How old was the author when he got him?
Kari was an elephant which was five months old when he was given to the author to take care of. The author was nine years old and he could reach his back if he stood on tiptoe. He seemed to remain that high for nearly two years
The enclosure in which Kari lived had a thatched roof that lay on thick tree stumps.
How was the bathing routine of Kari and how can you say he enjoyed it?
Why does one have to sharpen the hatchet for half an hour?
Finding good twigs for Kari took a long time. Why?
Why did Kari push his friend into the stream?
How did Kari save the author and the drowning boy?
Kari was like a baby. What are the main points of comparison?
Kari helped himself to all the bananas in the house without anyonenoticing it. How did he do it?
Kari learnt the commands to sit and to walk. What were theinstructions for each command?
Why an elephant should be taught to sit down?
What is “the master call”? Why is it the most important signalfor an elephant to learn?

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