I want something in a cage I want something in a cage

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Why Mr. Purcell compared to an owl?
Mr. Purcell was a small, fussy man; red cheeks and a tight, melon stomach. Large glasses magnified his eyes so as to give him the appearance of a wise and genial owl.
What did Mr. Purcell do? How did he think of himself?
What was Mr. Purcell’s daily routine?
“…. Mr Purcell heard it no more than he would have heard the monotonous ticking of a familiar clock." (i) What does 'it' refer to? (ii) Why does Mr Purcell not hear 'it' clearly?
Do you think the atmosphere of Mr. Purcell's shop was cheerful or depressing? Give reasons for your answer.
Describe the stranger who came to the pet shop. What did he want?
Why was the man crestfallen?
The man insisted on buying the doves because he was fond of birds. Do you agree?
How had he earned the five dollars he had?
Was the customer interested in the care and feeding of the doves he had bought? If not, why not?
Why, in your opinion, did the man set the doves free?
Why did it make Mr. Purcell feel "vaguely insulted"?

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