Birdie, Will you Pet? Birdie, Will you Pet?

Birdie will you pet is a poem written by W. Allingham. In this poem the poet has tried to highlight the value of freedom. A child asks a bird to be his pet, as he would give the bird silk quilts and give him bed of velvet and a satin pillow to keep under his head.

 The bird is willing......................

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CHILD: 'Birdie, Birdie, will you pet? Summer time is far away yet, You'll have silken quilt and a velvet bed. And a pillow 'of satin for your head!' a. Who is the poet? b. What does he offer the bird? c. Why does he offer all that?
a. Birdie will you pet is a poem written by W. Allingham. b. He offered many things to the bird like silk quilts and bed of velvet and a satin pillow to keep under his head c. The child insists for the bird to be its pet and tries to lure it with all those things
BIRD: I’d rather sleep in the ivy wall: No rain comes through, tho' I hear it fall The sun peeps gay at dawn of day, And I sing, and wing away, away!' a. Where does the bird prefer to sleep? b. What makes her happy? c. What would she do when she is happy?
CHILD 0 Birdie, Birdie, will you pet? Diamond-stones and amber and jet. We'll string on a necklace fair and fine, To please this pretty bird of mine!' a. What more does the poet offer? b. What does he believe it will do? c. Does the bird agree why not?
BIRD : O thanks for diamonds, and thanks for jet, But here is something daintier yet- A feather necklace round and round, That I wouldn't sell for a thousand pound!' a. What does the bird thank the child for? b. What does she regard daintier? c. Was she willing to give up her freedom?
CHILD '0 Birdie, Birdie, won't you pet? We'll buy you a dish of silver fret, A golden cup and an ivory seat, And carpets soft beneath your feet!' a. What does he offer it? b. How all he tries to make it comfortable?
BIRD Can running water be drunk from gold? Can, a silver dish the forest hold? A rocking twig is the finest chair, And the softest paths lie through the air- Good-bye, good-bye to my lady fair!' a. What all does the bird ask the child? b. What all does she regard the best? c. Why does he go ahead?

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