The Sword in the stone The Sword in the stone

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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What was the ominous news?
What, according to the knight who speaks in the first paragraph of the story, would be a great thing? Why? Does his warning come true later in the story? Explain your answer.
A good thing would be if king Arthur had a son who could be heir after his death. It would be good as many barons were eager to snatch the crown of the realm which would mean there could be a lot of bloodshed. Yes, this warning comes true as Arthur king's son becomes a king.
King Uther’s statement on his deathbed, in response to Merlin’s question, astonishes everyone who hears him. Why are they astonished? Give two reasons.
What did Merlin ask the king and what reply did he get?
What followed after the death of the king?
‘The sign in given, are you content to abide by it’? and they replied with one voice: ‘we are content.’ a. What was the sign? Why did it appear? Where? b. Who is the speaker of the first line of the extract? Whom does he address? c. Why did they saw that they were content with the sign?
What happened that made it clear to Sir Ector as to who was Arthur?
What did Archbishop suggest when he heard sir Ector?
Then a thousand voices cried out in amazement. ‘He has worked the miracle, the sword is withdrawn! The stripling holds it! Did you notice?—it sprang to his hand as if it but waited for his touch!’ a. Who is the stripling referred to in the extract? What miracle has he just performed? b. Give two reasons why the assembled crowed considered the boy’s action to be a miracle? c. What happened after the stripling performed the miracle?

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