The Restored Arm The Restored Arm

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Who was janakchari about to curse & why and why did he suddenly stop?
Janakchari was about to curse the person whose shadow fell on the image because he was extremely occupied with his work at the temple in Belur. The temple was to be consecrated and opened for worship on the full moon. He did not want to be disturbed while working on the image. He suddenly stopped because he realised that it was the king himself who had walked in noiselessly.
What vision of consecration did janakchari see?
Yes, I will go away as soon as I have seen as much of the image as I like. a. Who said to whom? b. Why was he asked to go away? c. Why was he fascinated by the image?
Oh, you are a master, are you? a. Who does 'you' refer to? b. Was he a master? c. Who was he?
What did the stranger tell the old man that he was willing to smash his skull and what reply did the young man give?
What objection did the young man have?
What condition did the old man put?
Was this young man willing to accept the challenge? why did he finally accept?
How did the young man prove the flaw in the image?
Please see that he does no violence to himself a. Who said these words and to whom? b. Who is he talking about? c. Why does he think the other person might hurt himself?
What did jakanachari explain the stranger about his life?
What was Jakanachari's real name and who was the stranger?
Why did he decide to give up his career?
How did jakanachari feel in kridapura?
What saved jakanachari?
Why was the name of kridapura changed to kai Dala?

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