Scratching the Tiger's Back Scratching the Tiger's Back

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Regrettably, the Tiger is known for fierce attack. But there are days when Tiger says, "Come here and scratch my back." a. Name the poem and the poet. b. What does the poet regret? c. Why does he regret it?
a. The name of the poem is ‘Scratching the Tiger's Back’ and the poet is Keki N Daruwalla. b. He regrets the image of the tiger whereby he is described as a ferocious animal. c. He regrets it as tiger is not always in a fire some mood rather there are days when he just likes to be lazy and wishes that someone would just scratch his back.
His moods vary with meals. At times the Tiger is not Charged with electricity. His blood isn't that hot. a. What decides the tiger’s mood? b. How are his moods sometimes? c. Explain ‘his blood isn’t that hot’.
He feels so lazy that he lazes; Stays put, doesn't go places. His stripes don't blaze His skin doesn't glow. He feels so lazy that time And the afternoon and the winter sun turn slow. a. How does the tiger feel? b. How does he appear? c. What has his laziness been compared to?
That autumn evening When for a moment brief Light through the leaves Is itself black-and-gold, black shadow and gold leaf That evening as the sun sinks You will not think Of him with fear And even if you do The tiger will be on the far bank Not here. That night you will not dream of tigers As a print of black daggers and gold daggers. a. How has the evening being described? b. How would people think of the tiger? c. Where will the tiger be? d. Why no one will dream of tiger? How will they dream?
And even if he does enter your dreams, He will do so softly. He will not charge He will not barge Into your sleep. All he will tell You is "I am well Because I lunched well. I too am made by God. I am a symbol, I am like you. Both good and evil dwell In me too- For good-gold, for evil-black. Tonight I'll say nothing You can scratch my back. a. How will he enter the dreams? b. What would he tell the others? c. How does he describe himself? d. How does he feel that night?

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