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The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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And Mother generously suggested that Swami might stay at home. At 9:30, when he ought to have been shouting in the school prayer hall, Swami .was lying on the bench in Mother's room. Father asked him, 'Have you no school today?' a. Why did mother suggest that Swami might stay at home? b. Where was Swami lying at 9:30 and where 'was he supposed to be at that time? c. What was Swami's reply to his father's question? How did father react to his reply?
a. Mother suggested that Swami might stay at home since he had headache and dint have any important class either. b. Swami was lying on his mother’s bench at 9:30. He was supposed to be in his school’s prayer hall. c. Swami informed his father of his terrible headache. His father dismissed it as nonsense and asked him immediately to rush to his school.
Swami knew how stubborn his father could be and changed his tactics. 'I can't go so late to the class'. 'I agree, but you'll have to; it is your own fault. You should have asked me before deciding to stay away'. 'What will the teacher think if I go so late?' 'Tell him you had a headache and so are late'. 'He will beat me if I say so'. 'Will he? Let us see. What is his name?' 'Samuel'. 'Does he beat the boys?' He is very violent, especially with boys who come late. a. Why did Swami change his tactics? b. What excuse did Swami make and what was father's reply to that? c. When Swami saw that his father was adamant what excuse did he further make for not going to school? d. According to Swami, how did Samuel treat the boys who were late to class? Was Swami speaking the truth?
…….how when he started caning he would not stop till he saw blood on the boy's hand, which he made the boy press to his forehead like" a vermilion marking. Swami hoped that his father would be made to see that he couldn't go to his class late. But Father's behaviour took an unexpected turn. a. Who is 'he' in the first line? b. Why was Swami giving such a shocking account of ‘he’? Was Swami telling the truth? c. What unexpected change came in the fathers' behaviour? What did he say then?
What have you written, Father?' Swami Nathan asked apprehensively. 'Nothing for you. Give it to your headmaster and go to your class'. 'Have you written anything about our teacher Samuel?' 'Plenty of things about him. When your headmaster reads it he will probably dismiss Samuel from the school and hand him over to the police. a. What did Father give Swami and for whom? b. What had Father written in the letter? c. Why was Swami anxious to know about the contents of the letter? d. What did father hope?
Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst perjurer on earth. His conscience bothered him: he wasn't at all sure if he had been accurate in his description of Samuel. He could not decide how much of what he had said was imagined and how much of it was real. He stopped for a moment on the roadside to make up his mind about Samuel: he was not such a bad man after all. Personally he was much more genial than the rest. a. What was Swami’s feeling while going to the school? b. What was bothering him and why? c. Why did he stop on the roadside for a moment? d. What did he personally feel about Samuel?
As he entered the school gate an idea occurred to him, a sort of solution. He wouldn't deliver the letter to the headmaster immediately, but at the end of the day. a. Who is 'he' in the first line? b. Why was 'he' carrying a letter for the headmaster? Who had given him this letter? c. Why did Swami want to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day?
His next chance occurred when Sankar of the first bench got up and asked, 'Sir, was Vasco da Gama, the very first person to come to India?' Before the teacher could answer, Swami shouted from the backbench, 'That's what they say'. The teacher and all the boys looked at Swami. The teacher was puzzled by Swami's obtrusive behaviour today. 'Swami Nathan, you are shouting again'. a. What does 'next chance' mean here? b. Why did Swami shout? c. Why was the teacher puzzled? d. What was Swami trying to do?
Swami Nathan left his seat joyfully and hopped on the platform. The teacher took out his cane from the drawer and shouted angrily, 'Open your hand, you little devil'. He whacked three wholesome cuts on each palm. Swami received them without blenching. After half a dozen the teacher asked, ''Will these do, or do you want some more?' a. Why was Swami Nathan feeling happy? b. Why did the teacher punish Swami? How? c. Why was Swami relieved on getting the beating from the teacher? d. When the teacher asked Swami if he wanted more beating, how did Swami react?
He has taken the afternoon off and won't come back for a week. You can give the letter to the assistant headmaster. He will be here now'. a. Who speaks these lines and to whom? b. Who is 'He' in the first line? Why was 'he' not present in the school? c. Who was the assistant headmaster? How did Swami react on hearing his name?
How was Swami able to convince his Mother that he could miss his school and stay at home?
Why was Father angry with Swami?
According to Swami, how did Samuel treat the boys who came late to his class? Were Swami's allegations true?
Why did Swami give a shocking account of Samuel's violence to his Father?
Father's behaviour took an unexpected turn'. What was so unexpected about his behaviour?
Why was Swami anxious to know what his Father had written in the letter?
Whom did Father ask Swami to deliver the letter? Why did he ask Swami to bring an acknowledgement of the letter?
How did Swami feel while going to the school? Why?
As Swami approached the yellow building he realized he was perjuring himself and was ruining his teacher. Why did Swami feel so?
As Swami entered the school gate, an idea struck him. What was that idea?
Why did Swami delay the handing over of the letter to the headmaster?
What did Swami keep trying throughout the day?
Swami jumped down the platform with a light heart, though his hands were smarting'. Why did Swami feel light-hearted although his hands were smarting?
Why couldn't Swami deliver the letter to the headmaster?
Who was the assistant headmaster? Why did Swami flung from the scene on hearing his name?
Why did Father call Swami a coward? Was Swami really a coward?
When Father snatched the envelope from Swami, what did he do to it?
Do you justify Swami's father's behaviour? Give reasons to support your answer.
Why did Swami call himself the worst perjurer on earth?
Did Swami give a right picture of Samuel to his father? How do we know?
Imagine you are Swami. Write a diary entry relating your experience with Samuel in the school.
Imagine you are Swami's father. Write a letter to his principal criticizing Samuel's way of dealing with children and the need to end corporal punishment in schools.
Was Swami justified in his behaviour in the last period? Why did he do so? What does it tell us about his character?

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