Moon Wind Moon Wind

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The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

Moon Wind | Video Explanation in Hindi
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There is no wind on the moon at all Yet things get blown about. In utter utter stillness Your candle shivers out. a. Name the poem and the poet. b. What is peculiar about moon? c. What does the stillness refer to? d. “Yet things get blown about” what is the significance of the word ‘yet’ in this line? e. Sometimes our candles are blown out. What words does the poet use in place of ‘blown out’? Are these words more vivid and picturesque? Why?
a. The poem is Moon Wind and the poet is Ted Hughes. b. The peculiar fact about moon is that even though there is no wind thing still seems to have been blown off. c. As there is no life on moon so that the poet defies the stillness that prevails all around. d. Yet has been used to stress on the fact that despite there being no wind which causes all the blowing off on earth, but everything is getting blown off without wind. e. The poet uses the word shivers out. These words are more vivid as we can imagine the candle being blown out after shivering out a little.
In utter utter stillness A giant marquee Booms and flounders past you Like a swan at sea. a. What kind of stillness is there? b. How does the giant tent fly past the poet?
In utter utter stillness While you stand in the street A squa1 of hens and cabbages Knocks you off your feet. a. Where is the poet? b. Who knocks the person on the street? c. How is that possible?
In utter utter stillness While you stand agog A tearing twisting sheet of pond Clouts you with a frog. a. How is the poet standing? b. What hits the poet?
A camp of caravans suddenly Squawks and takes off A ferris wheel bounds along the skyline Like a somersaulting giraffe. a. What does the caravan do? b. What is a ferris wheel? c. What is the ferris wheel been compare to?
Roots and foundations, nails and screws, Nothing can hold fast, Nothing can resist the moon's Dead-still blast. a. What are the other things that fly? b. What cannot be resisted? c. What do the last two lines suggest?

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