Waiting For Haria Waiting  For Haria

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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When did Madhuli get home? What all did she carry?
Madhuli got home when the sun was about to set. She carried her heavy school bag and a bundle of twigs.
‘Amma, why did you trouble her?’ Madhuli frowned. ‘I could have done it.’ a. Who did Amma trouble? How? b. Why did she trouble her? c. Why did Madhuli frown?
When did Basanti look after Amma? What was Madhuli’s family background?
Where was Haria? Why hadn’t he taken Madhuli and his grandmother to the city?
Why was grandmother waiting for Haria?
How did Madhuli feel when Amma talked about Haria?
‘You know the new hospital is ready.’ a. Who said to whom? b. What did the speaker tell about the new hospital? c. What did the listener decide?
What happened to Amma that night? What all did Madhuli try?
What did Madhuli think when Basanti kaki mentioned about taking Amma to hospital? Why did she hesitate thinking about it?
How did they take Amma to the hospital?
What had happened to Amma? Could she be treated?
Why was Madhuli praised by all?
What was the other idea Madhuli had planned?

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