Dad and the cat and the tree Dad and the cat and the tree

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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This morning a cat got Stuck in our tree. Dad said, “Right, just Leave it to me.” a. Name the poem and the poet. b. What happened in the morning? c. Who does ‘me’ refer to?
a. The name of the poem is ‘Dad and the Cat and the Tree’ and the poet is Kit Wright. b. A cat had got stuck in a tree. c. ‘Me’ refers to dad.
The tree was wobbly, The tree was tall. Mum said, “For goodness’ Sake don’t fall!” a. How was the tree? b. What did the mother warn?
“Fall?” scoffed Dad, “A climber like me? Child’s play, this is! You wait and see.” a. Why was dad sure he wouldn’t fall? b. What did dad compare climbing to?
From the garden shed. It slipped. He landed In the flower bed. a. What plan A did Dad make? b. What was the outcome? c. Write pairs of rhyming words.
“Never mind,” said Dad, Brushing the dirt Off his hair and his face And his trousers and his shirt, a. Which phrase in the poem expresses dad’s self confidence? b. What did Dad do?
“We’ll try Plan B. Stand Out of the way!” Mum said, “Don’t fall Again, O.K.?” a. What did Dad plan to do after Plan A failed? b. What did Mom warn?
“Fall again?” said Dad. “Funny joke!” Then he swung himself up On a branch. It broke. a. What did Father consider to be a funny joke? b. What happened when father climbed?
Dad landed wallop Back on the deck. Mum said, “Stop it, You’ll break your neck!” a. What happened to dad? b. What did Mom say?
“Rubbish!” said Dad. “Now we’ll try Plan C. Easy as winking To a climber like me!” a. What plan did Dad try? b. What phrase shows his confidence? c. Was it really easy for Daddy?
Then he climbed up high On the garden wall. Guess what? He didn’t fall! a. Where did father climb? b. What was the outcome?
He gave a great leap And he landed flat In the crook of the tree-trunk — Right on the cat! a. Where did he climb from? b. Where did he land?
The cat gave a yell And sprang to the ground, Pleased as Punch to be Safe and sound. a. Why did the cat yell? b. What did the cat do? c. Explain ‘Pleased as Punch’.
So it’s smiling and smirking, Smug as can be, But poor old Dad’s Still Stuck Up The Tree! a. How did the cat feel? b. What happened to Dad? c. Do you find the poem humorous?

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