Monkey Trouble Monkey Trouble

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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What did Grandfather buy from the street entertainer and for how much?
Grandfather bought a monkey, which was the smallest and mischievous of the three monkeys that the street entertainer had with him. Grandfather paid ten rupees for the monkey.
What allured Grandfather to buy the monkey?
What was Grandfather's weakness/habit and who took sides with him? How?
What was Grandmother's opinion of boys and girls?
Why did Grandmother object to keeping Tutu as a pet?
Why has Ruskin Bond given the title 'Monkey Trouble' to the lesson?
Grandmother agreed to take in Tutu. Why?
Describes Tutu - the girl monkey.
Why was Aunt Ruby scared of Tutu?
Why did Aunt Ruby's decision to marry surprise everyone?
Why did Aunt Ruby want the narrator out of her way while she went for her engagement ring?
How can you say that Rocky was large-hearted in his dealing with the narrator?
Who were the "uninvited shoppers" with Ruby and Rocky? Why were they uninvited?
Who followed the narrator while he was keeping a track of Ruby secretly? Why?
What kind of welcome did the narrator get from Rocky in the jeweller's shop?
What was the narrator's opinion on Aunt Ruby's shopping for a ring?
What monkey trick did Tutu play inside the Jeweller's Shop?
State any two of the monkey's pranks while he was on the run?
Why did the washerman run after his donkey?
How did Tutu get rid of the necklace? Why?
How was the chase continued in the canal and by whom?
How was Tutu responsible for the "interesting flavour" in the wedding cake? Was it really interesting?
Was Tutu help or a nuisance in the kitchen?
Why did the guests say nothing against the wedding cake?
How was Grandmother proved wrong in her opinion about girls?
What did Aunt Ruby want to be done with Tutu?
How did Tutu behave on the marriage day?
What did Tutu do when she realized she is not wanted in the marriage?
Who all went to get the cake and what happened?

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