The Land Lady The Land Lady

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Where had Billy come from? Is there any indication that he had never been to bath before?
Billy had come from London. The very fact he asked the Porter about a cheap hotel to stay around shows that he had no idea of the place and had come there for the first time.
What prompted him to enter the bed and breakfast boarding house rather than to try the Hotel not very far away?
How did Billy feel when he saw the bed and breakfast sign ?
What was Peculiar about the lady lady's behaviour in the beginning?
That's funny, he thought suddenly. Christopher Mulholland. It rings a bell. Now where on earth had he heard that rather unusual name before? As a matter of fact now he came to think of it, he wasn't at all sure that the second name didn't have almost as much of a familiar ring about it as the first. 'Gregory Temple’? he said aloud, searching his memory. a. Where did Billy see the two names he refers to in the above extract ?what did that suggest to him? b. What did you mean when he said that the names have a familiar ring about them ?what did he remember about them? c. What details did the landlady give Billy about Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple did any of these details seem strange?
Good gracious me," he said. "How absolutely fascinating. He turned a dog and stared with deep admiration at the little woman beside him on the sofa. ‘It must be most awfully difficult to do a thing like that.’ ‘Not in the least,' she said. ‘I stuff all my little pets myself when they pass away. Will you have another cup of tea?' a. What does Billy find absolutely fascinating why? b. How does Billy respond to the landlady's invitation to have another cup of tea? Whydoes he react in this way? c. The landlady offer of another cup of tea along with her statement about her pets appear to be innocent at this point of the story. Do they take on a special significance after you read the story completely? Explain why?

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