The Shed The Shed

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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There’s a shed at the bottom of our garden With a spider’s web hanging across the door, The hinges are rusty and creak in the wind. When I’m in bed I lie and I listen, I’ll open that door one day. a. Name the poem and the poet. b. Who is the speaker in the poem? c. Which room is the poet talking about d. What does he or she see there? e. What does he listen to?
a. Name of the poem is ‘The Shed’ and the poet is Frank Flynn. b. Speaker of the poem is a child. c. The poet is talking about room which is at the bottom of their garden d. He or she sees a spider's web hanging across the door. e. He listens to the creaking sound which comes when it is windy as the hinges are rusty.
There’s a dusty old window around at the side With three cracked panes of glass, I often think there’s someone staring at me Each time that I pass, I’ll peep through that window one day. a. What does he observe about the shed? b. What does the poet think when he passes the shed? c. What does the poet intend to do?
My brother says there’s a ghost in the shed Who hides under the rotten floorboards, And if I ever dare to set foot inside He’ll jump out and chop off my head, But I’ll take a peek one day. a. What does his brother tell him? b. Does the poet believe it how do we know?
I know that there isn’t really a ghost, My brother tells lies to keep the shed for his den; There isn’t anyone staring or making strange noises And the spider has been gone from his web since I don’t know when, I’ll go into that shed one day soon, But not just yet... a. Why does he think his brother lies? b. What does the poet tell himself? c. What is he or she planning to do soon?

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