Mrs. Flower Mrs. Flower

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Mrs. Bertha flowers was the aristocrat of Black Stamps…. She was our side’s answer to the richest white woman in town. a. What does Marguerite mean by 'our side'? What does this tell you about the residents of the town of Stamps? b. What do these two sentences indicate about Mrs Flowers's status in the community in which she lived, according to Marguerite?
a. Marguerite meant from our side that she belonged to the black community as did the others. Aparthied seems to be practiced in the area which is why there is a reference to her being on their side as was the narrator. b. There lines indicate that she was an affluent member of the community as the narrator said she was an answer to the richest white woman in the society. Besides being affluent she had class and poise which made everyone admire and respect her.
What physical features of Mrs Flowers does Marguerite highlight in her description of the lady?
What aspects of Mrs Flowers' personality and disposition are described by Marguerite in these paragraphs?
Why did marguerite feel that she couldn't have refused Mrs Flowers?
What new idea did Mrs Flowers mentioned on the about which marguerite wanted to think?
While Marguerite walked with Mrs Flowers, the latter mentioned two positive things she had heard about Marguerite and also one serious shortcoming. What are they?
Why, according to Mrs Flowers. Was it important for Marguerite to overcome this defect in her personality? How does Marguerite respond to Mrs Flowers' words?
Mrs Flowers gave Marguerite two assignments which she expected her to do at home. What were they? Do you think these assignments were deliberately given to help Marguerite overcome her particular weakness? Explain clearly, referring to the passage to support your views.
How did marguerite feel in Mrs Flower's house?
Do you think Mrs Flowers' invitation to Marguerite to her house was a spontaneous one or had it been planned in advance?
What did Marguerite refer to as 'my lessons in living'?
How did Marguerite feel about herself before she met Mrs Flowers? She uses a simile to describe herself. How does this figure of speech help you to understand her feelings about herself?
She says she met a lady 'who threw me my first lifeline.' a. What is the literal meaning of the word 'lifeline'? b. Identify the figure of speech used by the author in the expression 'threw me my first lifeline.' c. What does the author mean by the expression quoted above?
In what way did Marguerite change by the end of the account?
In Marguerite's own opinion, how did Mrs Flowers bring about this change in her?

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