The Signalman The Signalman

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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What did the signalman do when the author called out to him?
When the narrator of the story encounters the signalman for the first time, he notices that the man appears to be under some strain. Quote three statements made by the narrator which reveals this.
The signalman was under stress which is quite obvious from the fact that when the narrator calls him instead of turning towards him, he turned his head towards the line and wanted to check if everything was alright. Twice during the conversation with the author, the signalman looked at the bell and rushed out to open the door of his hut he looked down towards the red light near the mouth of the tunnel and when he came back there was something mysterious about him which he hadn't noticed earlier. His attitude was one of such Expectations and watchfulness that it made the author curious to know about it.
How does the narrator describe the place in which the signalman carries out his work? What effect does the place have on the narrator? What are your feelings at this point of the story?
What was the nature of the signalman's duties? What did the narrator think about the way in which he carried out his duties? Quote a sentence to justify.
In a word, I should have set this man down as one of the safest of men to be employed in that capacity, but for the circumstance? What was the circumstance that the narrator found strange about the signalman?
What had the apparition warned him earlier? What had happened each time?
What had the signalman been warned the third time? How did he feel?
Some dreadful calamity will happen. It is not to be doubted this third time, after what has gone before. But surely this is a cruel haunting of me. What can I do? a. Who is the speaker of these lines? To whom is he speaking? Why is he so sure that some dreadful calamity" will happen? b. Why does he describe this as a 'cruel haunting of him? c. What is the speaker's state of mind at this time? How does the other person react to the words of the speaker?
With an irresistible sense that something was wrong, I descended the notched path with all the speed could make. What causes the narrator to feel that something was wrong? Is he right?
What does the narrator learn about the circumstances of the signalman's death? What was strange or unusual about the manner of his death?

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