A Boy's Best Friend A Boy's Best Friend

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

A Boy's Best Friend | Video Explanation in Hindi
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Who is Mrs. Anderson referring to when she asks-'Did he arrive?'
Mrs. Anderson is referring to a Scotch terrier puppy who had been especially imported from earth since her son had never seen a real one.
Why do you think the dog was 'at the rocket station, going through the tests'? What tests would these have been?
Because he's Moonborn and can't visit Earth. a. Who is speaking to whom? b. Who is the speaker referring to as being' Moonborn'? c. To what question or statement has this response been given by the speaker? d. What is the speaker going to give the 'Moonborn'?
How old was Jimmy? How did he look?
How was it possible for Jimmy to 'handle the lunar gravity' easily?
How is the outer region of the moon described?
Who was better of while running Jimmy and Robutt?
The Earth sank below the top of the crater wall and at once it was pitch-dark around him. a. Who is in the crater? Was he alone? b. Why was the person not supposed to be inside the crater? c. How did the person gain confidence in the crater?
The grown-ups thought the crater was dangerous but Jimmy was not at all worried about the possible dangers. Why was he so confident?
What had happened when Jimmy had tried to play a trick on Robutt?
Why do you think Jimmy and anyone else 'always had to wash up after coming in from outside'?
Why does Jimmy's father seem 'to be waiting for Jimmy to say something', when he has told him about the dog?
How did Robutt get his name?
What are the differences between Robutt and the new Scotch terrier?
It's hard to explain', said Mr. Anderson, 'but it will be easy to see. ... ' a. Who is Mr. Anderson talking to? b. What will be easy to see? c. What does Mr. Anderson go on to say about the present the listener is going to receive? d. How does the listener react to what Mr. Anderson says?
Why does Jimmy hold Robutt so tightly? How does the 'dog' react?
The story is science fiction looking into the future, Do you think all that is described in the story will actually be possible one day?

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