Eklavya Eklavya

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Who was Eklavya ?
Eklavya was the son of a tribal Chief in the kingdom of Hastinapur. He was a brave handsome boy who was loved by all.
Why was it not easy for Eklavya to achieve his ambition according to his father?
Why does Dronacharya not accept Eklavya as his disciple?
What shocked Eklavya about Arjun's behaviour?
How did Eklavya attain mastery in Archery after being denied admission?
What special act of Eklavya puzzled Guru Drona and the Pandavas?
What Dronacharya had promised to Arjuna? How was he able to fulfill his promise?
What did Dronacharya demand, as is Guru Dakshina? Did Eklavya agree to Dronacharya demand?
‘Guru is of utmost importance’ how does Eklavya exemplify this belief?
How did Dronacharya bless him?
How did Dronacharya feel after having got Eklavya's thumb?
What impression do you form about Arjun support your answer by coating any incident?
What kind of person was Eklavya's father? Why do you think so?

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