Granny's Tree Climbing Granny's Tree Climbing

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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My grandmother was a genius. You'd like to know why? Because she could climb trees, Spreading or high, She'd be up their branches in a trice. And mind you, When last she climbed a tree, she was sixty-two. a. Who calls his grandmother a genius and why? b. Explain ‘in a trice” c. How old was she when she climbed a tree?
a. He calls his grandmother a genius as at that age most women could not dare to think of walking properly but his grandmother had the capacity to climb trees b. in a trice means that grandmother climbed trees very fast. c. Grandmother was sixty two years old when she was climbing trees.
Ever since childhood, she'd had this gift for being happier in a tree than in a lift; And though, as years went by, she would be told That climbing trees should stop when one grew old-- And that growing old should be gone about gracefully- a. What gift she has? b. What was She told when she was growing up? c. How was she to behave when she’d grow older?
She'd laugh and say, 'Well, I'll grow old disgracefully, I can do it better.' And we had to agree; For in all the garden there wasn't a tree She hadn't been up, at one time or- another (Having learned to climb from a loving brother When she was six)-but it was feared by all That one day she'd have a terrible fall. a. What did she say? b. When and from whom she’d learnt to climb the trees? c. What did everyone worried about and why?
The outcome was different-while we were in town She climbed a tree and couldn't come down. After the rescue, The doctor took Granny's temperature and said, 'I strongly recommend a quiet week in bed.' We sighed with relief and tucked her up well. Poor Granny! For her, it was like a brief season in hell. a. What was expected and how the outcome was different? b. What did the doctor say? c. How the others felt? d. How did granny feel?
Confined to her bedroom, while every breeze Whispered of summer and dancing leaves. But she held her peace till she felt stronger. Then sat up and said, 'I'll lie here no longer!' And she called for my father and told him undaunted That a house in a treetop was what she now wanted. a. Where was she confined and why? b. What she could not stand? c. What did she decide to do?
My Dad knew his duties. He said, 'That's all right— You'll have what you want, dear. I'll start work, tonight.' With my expert assistance, he soon finished the chore: Made her a tree house with windows and a door. So Granny moved up, and now every day I climb to her room with glasses and a tray. She sits there in state and drinks sherry with me, Upholding her right to reside in a tree. a. What was his dad’s duty? b. What did he do? c. Whose help did he take? d. What did they do then on?

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