The Eyes Have it The Eyes Have it

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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What made the author think that the people who had come to leave the girl were close to her?
The author concluded that they were close to her since they were quite bothered about her comfortable journey. They gave detailed instructions as to where she should keep her belongings and to avoid talking to any stranger.
What impression did the author have about the girl?
“Are you going all the way to Dehradun” a. Who said to whom? b. What was the response? c. Where was she going?
She gave a little exclamation and said, ‘I didn’t know that anyone was here’. Why did she not know? Why did the writer think she did not know?
What did the author wish to prevent? How?
“Then I had better not be too familiar,” I said, “Aunts are usually formidable creatures.” a. Who said to whom? b. Why did he say so? c. What is ‘formidable’?
‘Yes, this is the best time.’ What does ‘this’ refer to? Mention a few things which according to the writer make the time right?
But her next question removed my doubts. What were the writer’s doubts? How were these removed?
What did the author say when he pretended to look outside the window?
‘I was becoming quite daring, but it was a safe remark.’ What remark? Whay was it daring? How was it safe?
‘You are a very gallant young man’, she said. ‘But why are you so serious?’ a. Who said to whom? b. Why did the girl call him gallant? c. Why did she call him serious?
How did the girl feel about train journey? How was it different from the author?
What do you think was the confusion in the doorway at Saharanpur? What may have caused it?
‘Once again I had a game to play…’ What was the game? Why does the writer say ‘once again’?
What is the turn in the end?

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