The Guests The Guests

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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What were Annabel’s views about the countryside? How did it differ from Matilda?
Annabel found the countryside to be quite inactive. Though she appreciated the scenic beauty from the window but everything seemed to be at a standstill. It seemed to be drudgery. Matilda’s views were quite contradictory to that of Annabel she found the countryside relaxing. She disagreed on it being slow as there things happened abruptly.
‘I thought that out there you were always prepared for emergency guests turning up.’ a. Who said to whom? b. What emergency were they talking about? c. Was she not ready for the situation?
What did Matilda find trying and why?
“It was rather trying but you could have left your husband to most of the entertaining.’ a. Who said to whom? b. What was trying? c. Where was her husband?
What is a ‘were-tiger’? Where had Matilda’s husband gone?
What kind of hospitality did Matilda show towards the Bishop? What does this show about her?
How did the bishop react when he got to know of he cook’s holiday?
Describe the house when the river overflowed its banks?
‘I’m afraid there is nowhere for you to sit, I said coldly, “the verandah is full of goats.” a. Who said to whom? b. Why did she say so? c. Why did he come out?
How did Matilda explain the presence of a leopard in the bishop’s room?
‘It was full of goat, had any amount of water at it disposal if it felt thirsty and probably had no more immediate wish than a desire for uninterrupted sleep.’ a. Who said to whom? b. Who does ‘it’ refer to? c. Was it a frightful situation?
What was an embarrassing predicament?
Why did they need to change the order of departure?
What did Matilda mean when she said, ‘a leopard’s habits and tastes are not those of an otter?’
The bishop said, “Some animal resent being watched while they are eating.” Do you think he came to the drawing room because he did not want to upset the leopard? Or was he afraid of the animal?
Imagine you are the bishop. Write a diary entry describing your feeling when you saw the leopard in your bedroom.

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