The Mountain Trail The Mountain Trail

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Why, according to Sukhram, would people feel sorry for him?
Why, according to Sukhram, would people feel sorry for him? Why did he think they, in fact, should envy him?
According to sukhram people would feel sorry for him as he was blind. He felt that they should envy him as his Senses other than the visual were much more developed. As ordinary people saw with their eyes but didn't know about the rustling in the grass. He even had better sense of touch as he could feel round things like eggs, and water worn stones, rough things like rocks or of leather or of skins. Even sighted people had less developed sense of smell and they went through with blind noses.
In the beginning of the story, Sukhram seemed to be happy even though he was blind, but as he prepared to go to his grandfather's home with his mother, he was suddenly depressed: 'I am nothing', he told his mother. Why did he feel that he was nothing? Give two possible reasons.
How shall I graze my father's goats in a strange place where it's dark? For the first time he knew what it was to be blind.
Like most people who are blind, Sukhram's other senses were highly developed. Give examples from the story to show how Sukhram interpreted the world around him without the use of his eyes.
Two groups of soldiers passed Sukhram's grandfather's house. a. How was he able to differentiate between the two groups? b. What did he learn about each of the groups? c. Describe his interaction with the two groups of soldiers.
Listen, Sukhram,’ Tantia Tope said. ‘ we are a hundred men. The English are to be north and a big storm is driving them back. The English do not know we are here and are retreating towards the river crossing that we are holding…. But something has gone wrong.’ a. What did Tantia Tope tell sukhram about the English in this extract? b. What, according to Tantia Tope, had gone wrong? c. In what way will Sukhram be able to help Tantia Tope resolve the problem? Why is it that only Sukhram is able to do this and not any of the soldiers in Tantia Tope's army?
What does Sukhram go on to do? What are the consequences of his action?
To Tantia Tope and his army, Sukhram was a hero that night. But none of them realized exactly how brave Sukhram had been. What is special about Sukhram's act of bravery that night?

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