Young Poets Young Poets

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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You speak for the lakes, the trees and the birds You say what they’d say if they had the words. a. Name the poem and the poet. b. Who does ‘You’ refer to? c. Who are ‘they’ in this sentence? d. What do you think they will say if they had the words?
a. The poem is young poets and the poet is Todd-MICHAEL ST. PIERRE b. ‘You’ refers to the poets of the world. c. They refers to the bounties of nature like lakes, trees and birds. d. If they had words they would ask to be taken care of and saved from being exploited so mercilessly.
Make PEACE and be proud, choose well every choice Speak HOPE and speak loud, you are Nature’s voice. a. What choices does the poet refer to? b. What should they speak loud? c. Identify the figure of speech used by the poets. d. What does the poet mean by this statement?
Speak with respect now, for jungles and streams Speak for all wildlife and dream giant dreams a. What does he want poets to speak up for? b. What should they speak? c. What should they dream?
Speak with great courage, speak up and speak out Write with a whisper or write with a shout. a. What does the poet wish writers to do? b. How does he want them to write?
Stand up young poets for clean air and river Free verse or lyric; your message delivers. a. What does he wish them to stand for? b. Which all forms should they write in?
Truth for the future citizens of earth Speak of your freedom your friends and self worth. a. What is the truth for the future citizens? b. What should they speak of?
Speak for tomorrow and though you’re still young Speak for the Forest; your pen is her tongue. a. What should they speak for? b. Whose tongue they should be and why?
The world waits to hear your songs still unsung Words posses’ power, you can write the wrongs a. What does the world wait for? b. What power do words have?
Teach us and lead us with Poems and with songs Speak now for nature, for trees and for birds. a. What should the poets do? b. Who should they speak for?
Defenders of Earth choose careful your words! a. Who have been referred to as defenders of earth? b. What words have to be spoken and why?

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