Packing Packing

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Packing | Video Explanation in Hindi
Name the author of the chapter ‘Packing’.
This was hardly what I intended. What I had meant, of course, was, that I should boss the job, ... a. Who is 'I' in this extract? What did he not intend? b. Which job is being referred to here? c. How did the speaker want to boss the job? d. Why did the speaker think that he could boss the job?
a. I refers to the author he didn't intend to do the packing but only wanted to Boss the job b. The job of packing is being referred to here. c. He wanted to only supervise the work and Harris and George were to potter around on his directions d. He thought he could boss the job because he felt he was very good with packing and he could supervise well.
However, I did not say anything, but started the packing. It seemed a longer job than I had thought it was going to be; but I got the bag finished at last, and I sat on it and strapped it. a. Who is 'I' in these lines? To whom didn't he say anything? b. Why was the speaker packing? c. Why was the job longer than what the speaker had expected to be? d. Why did the speaker have to sit on the bag to strap it?
Of course I had to turn every mortal thing out now, and, of course, I could not find it. a. Who is the speaker here? b. What was he trying to find and how? c. Why couldn't he find it? d. Where did he finally find it?
When I had finished, George asked if the soap was in. I said I didn't care a hang whether the soap was in or whether it wasn't and I slammed the bag and strapped it, a. Who is 'I' here and what had he finished? b. Why did George ask if the soap was in? c. Why didn't the speaker care for the soap? d. What happened next?
It irritated them more than anything I could have said. I. felt that. It made them nervous and excited. a. Who is the speaker here and who is he talking about? b. What irritated the people being talked about here? c. How did the speaker feel this irritation? d. What was the effect of the speaker's presence on the people being talked about?
Harris and I had a bit of a row over it, but at last split the difference, and said half-past six. "Wake us at 6.30 George," we said. a. Why did Harris and the speaker have a bit of a row? b. How was this row sorted out? c. Why did Harris and the speaker ask George to wake them up at 6.30? d. Did George follow the instructions? Why/Why not?
Why did Jerome have such a high opinion about his packing skills?
Why does Jerome feel there is something strange about the readiness of his friends at his suggestion to do the packing?
What irritated Jerome the most? Why?
What is ironical about Jerome's remark that 'It is my energetic nature'?
How did Jerome strap the bag? Why?
How did Harris and George irritate Jerome when he had just finished packing the bag?
Why is Jerome haunted by his toothbrush?
Jerome had to unpack his bag twice. Why?
What time did the bag finally got shut up? What was Harris and George's response to this?
What was the initial spirit of George and Harris when they started to pack the hamper?
Why did Jerome not make any comment and only waited when his friends began packing the hamper?
When did Jerome come and sit on the edge of the table? Why?
What was the effect of Jerome's presence on Harris and George when he sat on the edge of the table?
What did George and Harris do to the butter?
What was Montmorency's ambition in life, according to the narrator?
How did Montmorencyparticipate in the packing?
What did Harris accuse Jerome of?
Why did Jerome and Harris put a bath for George to tumble in on getting up?
How does the packing task reveal the clumsiness of the three friends - Jerome, Harris and George?
Bring out the humour in the account "Packing" by Jerome K Jerome.

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