The Snake Trying The Snake Trying

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The Snake Trying | Video Explanation in Hindi
Name the poet of the poem ‘The Snake Trying’.
The snake trying to escape the pursuing stick, with sudden curvings of thin long body. How beautiful and graceful are his shapes! (a) Name the poem and the poet. (b) What is the snake trying to escape? (c) What does the snake do to evade the stick? (d) How is the poet's attitude to the snake different from the attitude of most other people? (e) Which literary device is used in 'the pursuing stick'?
(a) Name of the poem is ‘The Snake Trying’ and the poet is W. W. E. Ross. (b) The snake is trying to escape from those who are following him with sticks to hit him. (c) The snake tries to evade the pursuers by curving his thin long body and moving further on. (d) The poet instead of dreading the snake appreciates its beauty and the grace of is shape. Unlike other people he doesn’t consider snakes as only harmful. (e) Transferred Epithet is the poetic device used in ‘the pursuing stick’.
He glides through the water away from the stroke. 0 let him go over the water into the reeds to hide without hurt. Small and green he is harmless even to children. (a) Who is 'he' in the above lines? (b) Which 'stroke' does the poet refer to? (c) How does 'he' avoid the stroke? (d) Why does the poet want 'him' to be spared? (e) What quality of the poet's character is revealed in these lines?
Along the sand he lay until observed and chased away, and now he vanishes in the ripples among the green slim reeds. (a) Who is 'he' in the above lines? (b) Why is 'he' chased away? By whom? (c) What causes the ripples in the water? (d) Where does 'he' vanish'? Why?
Who pursues the snake and why?
How can you say that the snake in the poem is harmless?
What lesson can we learn from the poem "The Snake Trying"?

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