Iswaran the Storyteller Iswaran the Storyteller

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

The summary will be uploaded soon.

The summary will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

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Who did Mahendra tell the story?
He was a bachelor. His needs were simple and he was able to adjust himself to all kinds of odd conditions, whether it was an ill-equipped circuit house or a makeshift canvas tent in the middle of a stone quarry. a. Who is he in the above extract b. List two characteristics of this person c. Which type of places did they have to live in why?
a. He in the above extract is Mahendra. b. He was a very accommodating and non demanding person who could adjust in any kind of environment. c. They had to sometimes live in desolate landscape with no shops visible for miles around or in an ill-equipped circuit house or a makeshift canvas tent in the middle of a stone quarry. He had to do as he was ordered to supervise various sites in various places.
He would miraculously conjure up the most delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables within an hour of arriving at the zinc-sheet shelter at the new workplace. a. Who is ‘he’ in the above lines? b. Why is ‘he’ being appreciated ? c. What was the zinc sheet shelter? d. Was the cook resourceful? e. What is the meaning of ‘Conjure up’ in the line?
“It has something to do with a Japanese art, I think, sir. Karate or ju-jitsu it is called. I had read about it somewhere. It temporarily paralyses the nervous system, you see.” a. Who speaks these lines and to whom b. What is the topic of discussion c. What explanation does Iswaran offer about the efficacy of the Japanese art? d. Where did Iswaran learn that art?
Can I make something special for dinner tonight, sir? After all today is an auspicious day a. Who is ‘I’ and who is ‘his sir’? b. What permission is the speaker seeking here c. Why was the day auspicious d. What tradition was followed on this day?
It is an ugly creature with matted hair and a shrivelled face, like a skeleton holding a foetus in its arms.” a. What is it here and who is describing it. b. Why was it ugly? c. Who had seen it when and where? d. What effect does this description of the Ugly creature have on Mahendra?
At first he put it down to a cat prowling around for mice. But the sound was too guttural for a cat. He resisted the curiosity to look out lest he should behold a sight which would stop his heart. a. Who is ‘he’ in these lines? b. What is ‘it’ that he put down? c. How did ‘he’ conclude that the sound was not of a cat? d. What Desire did he resist? e. Why did he resist his Desire?
How did the children and the Teachers react when the mad elephant entered the school ground?
How did Iswaran give a personal touch to the anecdote of the elephant?
How did Iswaran add a prologue to his story of an elephant?
What did the elephant do before Iswaran could control it?
How did Iswaran tackle the elephant in the school building? Does it appear to be likely?
Write the character sketch of Iswaran.
Who was Mahendra? What did he do?
How did Iswaran’s narration make even the simplest incident interesting? Give example?
What did Iswaran do after Mahendra had left for office?
Iswaran would not pick up the thread of the story right away. How did Iswaran build up his ghost story?
Mahendra did not believe in ghost. What happened to him on the last full moon night?
What part of Mahendra’s imagination played in his vision of the ghost?
In what way is Iswaran an asset to Mahendra?
What sets Iswaran apart from the other domestic helps?
Why does the author say that he seems to make up for the absence of TV in Mahendra’s living quarters?
What influenced Iswaran style of story telling?
What did Iswaran tell Mahendra about the factory area?
How did he build up his ghost story?
What behaviour was Mahendra expecting from Iswaran when he had scolded him for telling ghost stories?
What impact did Iswaran’s story of a female ghost had on Mahendra?
Why did Mahendra resolve to leave the haunted place the very next day? Do you think the ghost seen by Mahendra was only prank played by his cook Iswaran? Give reason for your answer
Iswaran is a master story teller? Comment.
What did Iswaran tell Mahendra about the ghost?

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